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Microsoft SQL on Windows Server 2008 and Firewall Settings

February 3rd, 2011 No comments

When installing SQL on windows Server 2008, the firewall is not automatically setup to allow access to the default SQL ports which are as follows:

SQL Server Ports
  1. Default instance port TCP 1433
  2. Dedicated Admin Connection port TCP 1434
  3. SQL Server Service Broker port TCP 4022
  4. Transact-SQL Debugger/RPC port TCP 135
Analysis Service Ports
  1. SSAS Default Instance port TCP 2383
  2. SQL Server Browser Service port TCP 2382
Miscellaneous Ports
  1. HTTP port TCP 80
  2. SSL port TCP 443
  3. SQL Server Browser Service‘s Port TCP 1434
  4. You also need to Allowing multicast broadcast response on UDP

Instead of adding each of these rules one by one you can create a batch file and run it in a cmd prompt.

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