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Remote Desktop suddenly stops accepting connections

I came across a problem at one of my clients today where remote desktop stopped working on a Windows 2003 Server. (Although this also affects Windows 2000 Server)

I have searched the internet for causes, and the most likely reason is due to an update that is installed.

Further investigation led to a solution in Microsoft KB555382.

Basically the ability for RDP-TCP to bind to all network adapters configured with this protocol.

So to resolve this problem, you can do the following. (As taken from the Microsoft article KB555382)

  1. On the server, logon to the server locally (not using Remote Desktop/Terminal Client).
  2. Click Start, Run, type "tscc.msc /s" (without quotation marks and click OK.
  3. In the Terminal Services Configuration snap-in double-click Connections, then RDP-Tcp in the right pane.
  4. Click the Network Adapter tab, select the correct network adapter and click OK.
  5. Make sure that you can establish an RDP connection to the server.

I hope that this helps out others who come across this sudden stop in RDP connectivity.

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